Posted on: January 6, 2009 5:15 pm

The Ship is Turning Around

Yes, it is true, it hasn't been the best year in Detroit/Michigan sports this past year.....outside the Red Wings who won their 4th Cup in 10 years.  The Tigers spent a ton of money and it didn't get them very far...especially the pitching staff.  The Pistons made it to another Conference Finals but were beat by a hungrier, stronger team.  Michigan changed its whole coaching staff and didn't get Pryor, so winning games with two backup QBs won't get anyone far.  And the Lions, ummm....let's not go there.  In my lifetime of watching football, I have never seen a worse team.  But I don't blame Coach Marinelli, and I don't even blame Millen, who should have been fired 3 years ago.  No, I blame William Clay Ford.  He has to much on his plate with his Motor Company and needs to sell the team to someone who can focus more on the team.  Maybe Mark Cuban...haha.

But overall I see some great things coming our way.  Michigan will have a new draft class and hopefully a QB that can run Rich Rod's offense.  That alone will add a few more wins.  The Tigers will focus more on pitching this year and it will pay off like it did a couple years ago.  The Pistons look amazing with these young guys and will continue to develop right before our eyes.  The Wings will win another Cup this year.....mark my words.  And the Lions, yeah this is a tough one...but with 3 draft picks in the first 33 selections, it can't get any worse. And if it is Leslie Frazier who gets the job, then I really see some great things coming to the Lions.  Frazier is a defensive guru and should find some of the answers this city needs.

Overall...great things are coming to Detroit and Michigan.  I am glad I will be here to see it.

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